Realm Software Services Agreement

last updated 07/08/2019

ACS Technologies Group, Inc., and its affiliates, their officers, directors, employees or agents (collectively referred to as "ACST") is the developer of Realm. You may be a customer ("Customer" or “Licensee”, typically a church or an organization) who purchased our products and services (collectively, "Services"), or a guest ("Guest", typically a congregant) that a Customer invited to use our Services.

This Realm Software Services Agreement (the "Agreement") memorializes the agreed upon Services between ACST and the Customer.

Using Your Realm Site

As part of this Agreement, the Customer must review and adhere to ACST’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and Use. The Customer also agrees to use content as set forth in our Intellectual Property Policy, which outlines what is and isn’t allowed as it relates to:

  • ACST Intellectual Property
  • ACST Content
  • Prohibited Content
  • Sharing Content Online
  • Third-Party Content

When a Customer invites Guests to participate in Realm, the Customer agrees to be fully and solely liable for the Guests’ participation while using Realm. The Customer is responsible for managing the data their Guests provide. Customer data that is stored in connection with our Services belongs to the Customer. For more information about how we keep Customer data secure, visit Data Security Measures.

Realm Office and Realm Network

ACST Realm Office and Realm Network are for denominational, hierarchical structures and their underlying organizations. If your church is included in a Realm Network solution, your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) may be shared with another church or denominational office.

Services and Payment

Realm is a software as a service (SaaS) Web-based product created by ACST that is designed and intended to help churches, parishes, diocese, and other organizations manage their numerous administrative duties.

At the time of enrollment, the details of the Customer’s purchase were sent to the Customer in an email. Those fees may include a description of the package (Inform, Connect, Multiply, Accounting, etcetera ) and any one time fees or data conversion costs. You will need to set up recurring payment, either via bank draft, (ACH/EFT or PAD), or Credit Card draft to pay for access and use of the Services on your Realm Site.

If a data conversion is included, the monthly subscription will begin once the data conversion is complete. Your account will be drafted at the end of each billing period and due 30 days later (net 30 day terms).

Additional Fees May Apply

If you pay by ACH/EFT or PAD, and your account has insufficient funds, ACST will charge at minimum a $30 fee for each such occurrence. Your bank may charge you a returned item fee as well.

Pricing and Price Increases

Pricing is based on your Typical Weekly Attendance (TWA) and the package you select. If you’re converting your data from a previous system, there may be a one time fee for conversion.

ACST may institute price increases from time to time for your Realm services. We try to be sensitive to any budget constraints you may have, and we will notify you well in advance so that you can make any desired adjustments.


Realm is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Historically, ACST has been able to maintain uptime of over 99.99%. We monitor critical systems from multiple locations and collect historical data to ensure all systems function at peak efficiency. We analyze performance trends to help us identify potential problems before they affect you.

We offer Realm and our Services on an "as is" and "as available" basis, to the maximum extent permitted by law. For more information, please review the Limitation of Liability and Force Majeure section in our Terms of Service and Use policy.

Packages and Features

Realm’s Services are packaged to suit your organization’s needs. Inform, Connect, and Multiply, are the three main packages, and we also offer an Accounting I package. You can buy any of the three main packages individually and add Accounting I, or buy it separately.

Term and Termination

When the Customer determines that Services are no longer needed, the term will continue until the end of the current Billing Period and the Agreement is terminated.

To cancel this Agreement, please call 1-800-736-7425. You must be authorized to make account changes and are responsible for paying any outstanding payments. You will be requested to complete a brief exit interview before terminating this Agreement.

Relationship of the Parties

ACST is an independent contractor and the Customer agrees that no partnership, joint venture, or agency relationship exists between the two parties.


All notices under this Agreement shall be in writing and delivered electronically.


When the Customer determines that Services are no longer needed, the term will continue until the end of the current Billing Period and the Agreement is terminated.


No changes or modifications or waivers to this Agreement will be effective unless in writing and signed by both parties.

If you have any questions about this Agreement, please contact 1-800-736-7425.