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last updated 07/15/2019

ACS Technologies Group, Inc., and its affiliates, their officers, directors, employees or agents (collectively hereafter referred to as "ACST" and “our”) creates software to help churches, schools, and organizations manage numerous administrative duties. This is a non-exhaustive list of ACST Products, Services, and Websites.

Products and Services

Desktop Web-based Mobile Apps
ACS Facility Scheduler
Access ACS
HeadMaster Online
Ministry Shield
Realm Office
Church Life
PDS Mobile
PDS Minister
Realm Connect
Realm Shepherd



Website Name URL Description
Corporate website https://www.acstechnologies.com/ This is our corporate website, the main place to learn about ACST and our products.
ACS Client Portal
PDS Client Portal
HeadMaster Client Portal
Customer login is required for information about their account and their Services. Any page that relates to a Customer's sensitive, personal data is on a secure https:// page and requires authentication.
Abundant https://abundantgifts.com/ Abundant is an eGiving solution that is offered as an integrated solution in select ACST products. It allows you to offer online, text, and mobile app giving options to your church.
Realm Resources https://resources.realmchurch.com/ This is a resource site for customers who are in the Realm rollout process. They have access to guides, assets to present to church members, and tutorial videos for their website.
Realm Self-Guided Tour https://tour.realmchurch.com/ Promotional video library that illustrates Realm's capabilities.
Real Ministry https://realministry.church/ This is a Realm demonstration website.
Real Ministry Catholic https://realministry.cc/ This is a Realm demonstration website for Catholic clients.
Ministry Impact Resources https://ministry.acst.com/ This site is for our customers and other churches to use as a resource for their ministries.
eGiving https://giving.acstechnologies.com/ Learn more about our eGiving solutions here.
Ideas to Impact https://ideastoimpact.com/ Customers can register for and learn more about our annual conference.
Ministry Shield https://ministryshield.com/ ACST partnered with Verified First to create a background check solution for churches
Forms & Supplies https://store.acstechnologies.com/ ACST store offers forms and supplies to help your software and hardware needs.
Help Center https://wiki.acstechnologies.com/ Online Help Center for the ACST product line.
Extend Platform http://www.extendplatform.com/ Extend is a web-based CMS for websites.


This is a non-exhaustive list of ACST Services and Websites.