Entering Gifts on Behalf of a Donor

last updated 11/13/2018

There may be times when a donor is uncomfortable giving online or finds it difficult to do. For convenience, we have a paper authorization form that can be completed to allow the church administrator to do it for them. Donors may call your church office or stop by in person to change their giving information or add a new gift.

An authorization form must be completed any time a gift is added or edited.

Download authorization form

*A note about your PCI Compliance responsibilities

When handling credit /debit card data, ACS Technologies (ACST) and our Customers are subject to PCI Compliance. If an administrator enters card data on behalf of a donor, this will increase the scope of their organization’s PCI responsibility.

By Phone

All authorizations taken by phone are for a one-time transaction ONLY, recurring transactions require a written authorization if the administrator is entering for the donor.

If using a credit / debit card*

  • The administrator completes the form with the donor’s card information.
  • In the signature field, enter "TO" to indicate Telephone Order.
  • Be sure to record the date and the initials of the staff member who took the Telephone Order.

If using ACH, enter the donor’s card information they provide.

In Person

For credit / debit card* or ACH

  • The donor must complete the authorization form.
  • After entering the gift, the administrator must make all but the last four digits of the account number unreadable.

Record Retention

Completed authorization forms must be stored in a locked cabinet and kept on file for potential audits.

For credit / debit card authorizations* you must retain records for at least 3 years after the date of the last transaction.

For ACH authorizations you must retain records for at least 2 years after the date of the last transaction.

Please refer to Vanco’s Requirements & Best Practices Guide about handling written authorizations for credit/debit card and ACH transactions for more information.

Confirmation Emails

Any time you add or update contributions, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the donor.


Contact Vanco’s Compliance and Risk Management Department at 1-800-675-7430 or pcisupport@pci.vancopayments.com.